WWE Star Roman Reigns Suspended

roman reigns

WWE announced via their website yesterday that Roman Reigns has been suspended 30 days following a violation of the company’s Wellness Policy. Reigns, real name Joe Anoa’i, has been the focal point of WWE programming for the past four years with the company strapping the rocket to his back in an effort to build a new star. He dropped the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, ending his third reign, over the weekend at the Money in the Bank PPV and was recently announced as a participant in the main event of WWE’s next event Battleground against former Shield buddies Seth Rollins and new champion Dean Ambrose. The event does take place after Reigns returns from suspension but it’s up in the air on if they’ll stay the course on this match or change directions. Reigns himself responded to the suspension via Twitter, refreshingly admitting he made a mistake instead of trying to come up with excuses.

Reigns’ ascension to the upper echelon in WWE has been bumpy to say the least. He gained the bulk of his popularity as one-third of The Shield but once WWE decided to make him the guy the fans immediately began to revolt. He’s main-evented WrestleMania two years in a row and has held the top strap multiple times but it doesn’t seem like WWE’s plan to make him a John Cena-level superstar have really materialized (which is unfair because he’s a talented worker, he’s just the victim of WWE repeatedly trying to jam him down fans’ throats). It’ll be interesting to see if Reigns maintains his top spot upon return or if he’ll have to spend some time at the bottom of the card as punishment.


[TV Recap] WWE Raw Supershow – 7/9/2012

As soon as I get the money, I will be starting my own wrestling site called The Pro Wrestling Nerd. This is a preview/test run of how I’ll be handling the TV recaps. Let me know if it sucks or not. 

We begin with a recap of the end of last week’s Raw, where A.J. sent CM Punk flying through a table (and Daniel Bryan) on the outside. We then cut to last week’s live Smackdown, where Punk and Bryan try to win A.J. over. She kisses both of them, leaving her true loyalties up in the air.

We are live in Denver, Colorado at the Pepsi Center. A.J. skips her way down the entrance ramp and into the ring. The crowd is mixed in their reaction. A.J. talks about how she’ll be the special guest referee this Sunday at Money in the Bank for the Punk/Bryan WWE Championship match and how her actions can affect the outcome. She says the thought of that is making her feel overwhelmed and emotional. A.J. asks the crowd to help her welcome out WWE Champion CM Punk. “Cult of Personality” hits and out comes the champion. Michael Cole fills the home audience on her actions again last week, once again proving that wrestling really is a male soap opera, cliches be damned.