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‘STAR TREK’ Actor Anton Yelchin Passes Away at 27

anton yelchin

Sad news to report as Anton Yelchin has passed away at the young age of 27. TMZ reports that the actor was found pinned between his car and a brick mailbox at his home around 1am earlier today after failing to show for a rehearsal hours before. No foul play is suspected.

Yelchin is perhaps best known for his role as Chekov in the new Star Trek films which began in 2009 but the actor had been working steadily since the age of 9, appearing most recently in the thriller Green Room earlier this year. His other credits include 2009’s Terminator: Salvation and 2011’s indie hit Like Crazy which took top honors at that year’s Sundance Film Festival. He completed roles in five movies before his death, including next month’s Star Trek Beyond.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Mr. Yelchin’s family and friends.



donald glover

It may not be the role he (half-jokingly) campaigned for six years ago on Twitter but it looks like Donald Glover is headed to the big screen in a Spider-Man movie. Variety reports that the actor/comedian/hip hop artist has joined the cast of Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming in a classified (for now) role. Spider-Man made his debut in the MCU earlier this year in Captain America: Civil War with youngster Tom Holland in the role. Holland will be joined in his standalone film by Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man) and Marisa Tomei (Aunt May), and production is expected to commence this summer. No word on the plot details as of yet.

Glover famously campaigned for the then-vacant role of Spider-Man back in 2010 when Sony was launching a reboot with Marc Webb at the helm. Andrew Garfield was eventually cast in the role, leading to two movies that…weren’t well-received to say the least. Glover wasn’t entirely serious but his “#Donald4Spiderman” hashtag took off and led to a incredibly dumb debate over the idea of a non-white Spider-Man, with people stupidly against this idea. Marvel eventually ran with this concept with its Ultimate Spider-Man comic with the character of Miles Morales…whom Glover voiced for awhile in an animated television show based on the series.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to hit theaters July 7, 2017.