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Ubisoft @ E3 Wrap-Up: The Three Games I Want to Play


Earlier today Ubisoft held a press conference touting their wares for the upcoming year and beyond, hosted once again by the one and only Aisha Tyler. The show opened with a crazy ass dance number to push the next Just Dance, including an announcement that it’ll come out for Nintendo’s mysterious NX console, and from there we got some good looks at a few games, some segments that went on way too long, and a cool look at a Star Trek VR experience that I’ll probably never play because VR is way too rich for my blood. Alas, there are three games that stood out to me the most so let’s check those out.



Sony @ E3 2016 Wrap-Up: Three Games I Can’t Wait to Play

E3god of war kratos

Sony’s E3 conference has come and gone and what a show they put on. Wall to wall trailers, a live orchestra, Hideo Kojima making his triumphant return, and…a zombie game starring bikers. Okay the last part wasn’t all that great. Either way as a PlayStation man through and through this got me really excited so here are the games that stuck out to me the most.