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Horowitz Wins! Horowitz Wins!: The Rise (And Quick Fall) of Wrestling’s Most Notorious “Jobber”

FeaturesThis article was originally published on October 31, 2011 and has been re-edited and re-written to make it suck less (don’t worry I wrote the original, so I’m not punching anyone’s dignity in the face…except mine). For the original article in its entirety, visit Pro Wrestling Nostalgia.

In the time before the Monday Night Wars pro wrestling television was a largely mundane affair, with most shows being one hour commercials for their upcoming pay per views and arena events. Not wanting to give away their big matches for free companies relied on “squash matches”, quick non-competitive bouts where the name wrestler would showcase his moves for two minutes on an opponent whose sole purpose in the contest was to make the “money” guy look good. These bottom rung competitors were known as “jobbers” or “enhancement talent”. If you followed a promotion for a long enough time, these men became familiar and household names in and of themselves and in the World Wrestling Federation there was perhaps no “enhancement talent” better known than Barry Horowitz.

Although an accomplished wrestler on the independent scene, when the cameras rolled on a WWF show it was Horowitz’s job to take the punishment and either lay down for the three count or submit quickly to his opponent’s “devestating” submission hold. But Horowitz had what most of the other enhancement talents lacked: personality. Horowitz played the “heel” persona brilliantly and had the gimmick of patting himself on the back in a smug fashion (he even went so far as to wear a ring jacket with a giant hand on the back, just in case you weren’t paying attention and couldn’t pick up the cues). Through out the late 80’s and early 90’s, if a wrestler was needing to look good Horowitz was called in and he became a weekly fixture. But no matter how good at his job he was, it seemed like he was never going to get a break. But in 1995, Horowitz’s loyalty and hard work finally paid off.