HBO Cancels ‘VINYL’


Variety reports that HBO has decided to cancel Vinyl, the record industry drama that debuted back in February. The network had initially ordered a second season off the back of the pilot (which was directed by co-creator Martin Scorsese) but after a tumultuous season it was decided that the show should be outright canceled. Vinyl starred Bobby Cannavale as a 1970s record executive trying to navigate the music industry. This isn’t the first time HBO has canceled a show after already renewing it; the relationship drama Tell Me You Love Me was canceled nearly a year after it was renewed after the creator Cynthia Mort and the network couldn’t figure out what direction to take.

I never watched Vinyl but honestly I never heard much of anything about the show past the premiere so it didn’t seem like it had picked up any steam following the pilot. Canceling a show after already renewing it seems ridiculous though and considering it’s something HBO has done before maybe it’s time for the network to actually wait to see how something turns out before jumping the gun.


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