Ubisoft @ E3 Wrap-Up: The Three Games I Want to Play


Earlier today Ubisoft held a press conference touting their wares for the upcoming year and beyond, hosted once again by the one and only Aisha Tyler. The show opened with a crazy ass dance number to push the next Just Dance, including an announcement that it’ll come out for Nintendo’s mysterious NX console, and from there we got some good looks at a few games, some segments that went on way too long, and a cool look at a Star Trek VR experience that I’ll probably never play because VR is way too rich for my blood. Alas, there are three games that stood out to me the most so let’s check those out.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

I grew up during a time when South Park games weren’t very good so it was a relief and a surprise when 2014’s South Park: The Stick of Truth ended up being one of the better games I’ve played in the past few years. The sequel takes place a day after the end of the last game with you, the new kid, now having to start from the bottom once again as the kids have all decided to play superheroes instead of Lord of the Rings. With tweaks to the combat and a whole new genre to satirize in classic South Park fashion I’m so jazzed for this one that not even an awkward and badly-paced interview with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone could bring me down. Game comes out in December, but if you pre-order the game you get The Stick of Truth for free for whichever current-gen console you’re playing on. There are also a whole host of other collector’s editions and whatnot but I’m not here to sell you stuff (yet) so you can search that out on your own. Also Fractured But Whole…I finally get it. I can’t believe it took me that long.

Release Date: December 6, 2016


Ubisoft capped off their press conference by introducing Steep, a new IP that focuses on “action sports” like snowboarding and human gliding in an open world setting (because Ubisoft). It’s been described as “Go Pro: The Game” and that’s a pretty accurate assessment of the footage we saw but I’m alright with that. I haven’t played a good snowboarding/action sport-y game in a very long time and Steep looks beautiful and has a ton of potential. I signed up for the beta so hopefully I get in and can actually see if it’ll be worth buying.

Release Date: December 2016

Watch Dogs 2

There’s a lot to be nervous about with Watch Dogs 2 after the first installment failed to really deliver on its promises but the footage I saw tonight showed that they may be headed in the right direction. It’s got some lame “look how cool I am” moments but the main character has a ton of charisma already and the setting of San Francisco is an interesting one. Ubisoft has shown they can knock it out of the park with a second installment, as any fan of Assassin’s Creed 2 can attest to, so I’m cautiously optimistic. I just hope it looks this good on the consoles; Ubisoft’s games have a spotty record when it comes to having the same graphics in the game itself as it did at a showcase.

Release Date: November 15, 2016

Ubisoft showed off some other cool properties (Ghost Recon: Wild Lands and Trials: Blood Dragon to name two, the latter out already as we speak) but those are the three I actually want to check out for myself. Agree? Disagree? Send a comment my way.


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