Stay Focused, Ponyboy

Five (FIVE) years ago I started this blog with a relatively simple intent: showcase my writing to prospective employers by linking to pieces I was writing for other outlets as well as original work that maybe didn’t fit at any of the places I was writing for at the time. However being the scatterbrained idiot that I tend to be things quickly got out of hand and over the past half-decade I have bounced from outlet to outlet, starting blog after blog, trying in essence to “find myself” and see what would finally stick.

A couple of nights ago, while in the midst of another depression-tinged bout of insomnia, I realized that I had been doing everything all wrong. I didn’t need a cool fancy brand or a dozen blogs each focused on one specific thing to still do what I wanted to do. So here I am, back at the site that I started in my first full year as an online writer, giving it another go.

This is me, Jonathan Sullivan, essentially starting over from scratch and hopefully this time things are going to work out a little bit better. Here I will be doing what I love to do: reporting on entertainment news with my own personal spin, reviewing everything from movies to wrestling events, and if I ever feel ballsy enough I may do some audio/video content as well. I’m still a scatterbrained idiot, that’ll never change, but now as I near the age of 30 (THIRTY) it’s time to get serious and buckle down. No brands, no catchy website names, no more of me going “hey I want to write about something, let’s start a new WordPress blog to focus only on that and then abandon it a week later”. My home is here and it’s about to get really fucking cluttered. Hope you enjoy.


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