Sony @ E3 2016 Wrap-Up: Three Games I Can’t Wait to Play

E3god of war kratos

Sony’s E3 conference has come and gone and what a show they put on. Wall to wall trailers, a live orchestra, Hideo Kojima making his triumphant return, and…a zombie game starring bikers. Okay the last part wasn’t all that great. Either way as a PlayStation man through and through this got me really excited so here are the games that stuck out to me the most.

God of War

Sony really put their metaphorical dick on the table right at the outset with a live orchestra and chorus opening the show, leading right into the reveal of Sony Santa Monica’s new God of War game. It appears not to be a sequel or prequel but a completely new take on the series, and Sony sweetened things up by providing live gameplay as well as the aformentioned orchestra scoring the events as they went down. You play as an older Kratos, complete with Dad beard, mentoring his son while they’re on a hunt and things go a little…haywire. I have to confess that even though I’ve been a PS user since almost day one I’ve never even sniffed a God of War game, they’ve just never looked all that interesting to me, but this one? This one sold me. Helluva way to open a press conference, helluva game to show off right at the beginning.

Release Date: TBD

Dead Stranding

I…I have no idea what Dead Stranding is going to be about but I know that it looks completely insane and that Norman Reedus, the star of Kojima’s Silent Hills game that got cancelled before he left Konami, apparently can have babies or at least had the ability to have one baby. This was our first look at a Kojima Productions game and I’m happy someone is throwing him a whole lot of money to make his fever dreams a reality. Bring it. I may have watched this trailer three times just to make sure I didn’t make this up.

Release Date: TBD

Detroit: Become Human

David Cage and the folks at Quantic Dream get a lot of flack for their approach to video games but I love the everloving hell out of Heavy Rain and was pretty okay with Beyond: Two Souls so they’ve got my interest going forward until they stumble. Detroit: Become Human doesn’t look like it’s going to shake my confidence though. The E3 trailer was tremendous, introducing a new android character named Connor and showcasing the many ways his hostage negotiation with a fellow android could either succeed or fail. That’s the stuff I come to expect from Quantic Dream and that’s the kind of stuff I want from them, plus I’m a sucker for futuristic sci-fi. I doubt I’ll ever get another Blade Runner game in my lifetime so I’ve gotta take my future cop stuff wherever I can.

Release Date: TBD

Those are the three games I’m most interested in coming out of Sony’s E3 conference. They announced a ton more (a new Resident Evil with VR support, remastered Crash Bandicoot games, Insomniac doing a new Spider-Man game, etc.) but these three are going to be the ones I end up throwing money down on for sure. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.


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